The rice fields

It is from the earth. It is through the water. It is towards the air and the sky. It is for the fire and the table. The life of rice travels along the four elements, from the field to the kitchen, but three of them, land, water and air are condensed in one place: the rice field. A particular field, a filed that’s flooded for most of the year, that requires special working tools and instruments and which visibly expresses the union of man and nature.

The Azienda Agricola Castello di Mirabello lives in synergy with a unique territory, which has always been dedicated to the cultivation of rice: the northeastern part of Pavia. For centuries the natural landscape of this corner of Lombardy has been shaped though farmers’ hard and skillful work, and has taken on the ideal characteristics for the cultivation of this cereal which throughout the world represents a basic source of nutrition. Our family has lived this growth and has walked along this path, arriving presently with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the land it cultivates, which finds a synthesis in the word tradition. And to tradition we must add science, studies, research and attention to agronomic innovations. A history of the earth and of men, an itinerary projected towards the future, which is based on the intimate understanding between the properties of the soil, the characteristics of the environment and the commitment and knowledge of the farmer. It is through the rice fields, through various but strongly connected elements, that our rice is created.