Our rice

The Azienda Agricola Castello di Mirabello rice is born and grows exclusively on our land, in our rice fields located near Pavia, in the northeastern Pavia area known for centuries as the home of the best superfine rice. A natural and safe product that comes directly to your table from the quality of the land and through the application of careful and knowledgeable agronomic techniques.

Carnaroli rice

Carnaroli is the prince of rice: this variety has a proportioned grain and is rich in amylose, which makes it compact when cooking and ensures optimum results in the kitchen, even in lengthy preparations. Perfect, and irreplaceable for risottos, Carnaroli rice is suitable for almost all the recipes found in the Italian culinary tradition and worldwide dishes.

Arborio rice

Arborio rice, selected in 1946 by the agronomist and farmer Domenico Marchetti from Vialone Nano, immediately established itself thanks to its large and well-formed grain and is ideal for risottos, timbales and soups.

Baldo Rice

Compact, consistent and with a good crystal structure: this is the Baldo rice grain. This variety was selected in the mid-seventies and, thanks to its versatility, is appreciated for dry dishes such as soups.

Vialone Nano Rice

The Vialone Nano Rice has a large and compact grain. It’s a semi-fine rice, particularly suitable for preparing risottos, especially “rustic” risottos. This rice is typical of the lower Lombardy and Veneto (Mantua and Verona) traditions; its ideal cultivation area is located in the Pavia area.

Loto Rice

The Loto rice has a very oval and elongated grain: this is a premature variety capable of not over-cooking easily and can be used in the kitchen for both savory risottos or for side-dishes.