Agricultural Holding

The Azienda Agricola Castello di Mirabello is located in one of the choice places for rice, amongst land and rice fields which for centuries offer the world the most precious varieties of this ancient and noble cereal. And it is with passion, experience and tenacity that for generations our family lives in symbiosis with this unique territory, working with nature and achieving a genuine and healthy product.

Our rice, real Italian rice from the largest and most historic rice province in Europe, is available for sale directly from our company, so as to respect this alliance with the land and ensure a fair price for a high-quality and original product.

For centuries, our farm has specialized in the cultivation of superfine rice, which is indispensable for cooking a perfect risotto or for any other gastronomic dish, drawing on the experience of hard work in the rice fields and the evolution of techniques and agricultural technologies. Still today, while keeping in harmony with the land and in touch with innovations, we dedicate our efforts to land and water, so as to produce rice of exceptional quality, because we know where it originates, how it grows, matures and refines.