1274, “ubi dicitur bono plumacio”. Hence, a contract was stipulated eight centuries ago which testifies, for the first time, the name and location of the Cascina Bon Piumazzo farmhouse. In 1293, the name is recorded as “bono plumatio”, in 1757 it is quoted as a hamlet of Fossarmato and in 1797 it belongs to the Belgioso district:

a historical location, near Pavia and immediately accessible from the east ring road, in the village of Bivio Vela. A farmhouse whose long-lasting link with the territory is lost in time and lives the beauty and tranquility of the countryside without giving up its close link with the ancient Lombard capital, today home to prestigious higher education, medical and hospital institutions.

The Cascina Bon Piumazzo agritourism is a structure that forms part of a farmhouse and allows its guests to savor the authentic taste of rural Lombardy, including rice fields, small woods and a courtyard full of many small poultry animals. Thanks to its eight rooms with all amenities, wide parking area and the strategic location, Cascina Bon Piumazzo proves to be the ideal location where to find a bit of refreshment and relaxation from the hectic modern life, where to organize a visit to the cultural and artistic treasures of Pavia or the nearby (and charming) Oltrepò Pavese or where to establish a handy and reliable reference point near the city.